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      D6, D7, D8&D9 Bulldozer
      D6, D7, D8&D9 Bulldozer

      TM series bulldozer is introduced Japanese Komatsu bulldozer technology featuring high performance capacity, efficiency, safe and reliable in operation

      It is semi-rigid suspended, power shift, hydraulically controlled and track-type

      Adopted modular design, it is simply to operate, easy to repair and maintenance.

      Overflow with difference of pressure, environmental-friendly and energy saving hydraulic system, high working efficiency.

      Widely used in building infrastructure and industry including large mining area, port, power plant, road building etc.

      Optional equipments (Additional price needed)

      Straight tilting blade, Scarifier, Angle blade, Coal pushing blade, U shape blade; Single shank ripper, Three shanks ripper; ROPS, FOPS, Forest defence cabin, A/C, Different track shoes

      Technical Data\Model TMD8 TMD7 TMD6 TM165-3
      Dozer Tilt
      Operating weight with ripper (kg) 37400 26100 16500 17750
      Ground pressure (kpa) 93 51.96 55.23 68.3
      Track gauge (mm) 2083 2235 1880 1880
      Min. ground clearance (mm) 556 484 445 353
      Gradient 30°/25° 30°/25° 30°/25° 30°/25°
      Dozing capacity (m3) 11.24 5.8 4.5 4.6
      Blade width (mm) 3940 4382 3297 3442
      Max. digging depth(mm) 582 635 592 420
      Overall dimentions with ripper(mm) 7616*3500*3402 5982*4382*3482 5037*3297*3077 5447*3442*3160
      Engine Type NT855-C360S10 CUMMINS NTA855-C280S10 SHANGCHAI C6121 WEICHAI WD10G178E25
      Rated revelution (rpm) 2100 2100 1900 1850
      Flywheel power (KW/HP) 235/320 169/230 119/162 121/165
      Driving system Torque converter Power separating hydraulic-mechanic type Outside separating combination 3-element 1-stage 1-phase
      Transmission Planetary, power shifting transmission with three speeds forward and three speeds reverse, speed and direction can be quickly shifted
      Steering clutch Hydraulic pressed, usually separated clutch Multiple-disc oil power metallurgy disc compressed by spring. hydraulic operated.
      Brake clutch Pressed by spring, separated hydraulic, constant meshed type Brake is oil two direction floating band brake operated by mechanical foot pedal.
      Final drive Two-stage planetary reduction gear mechanism, splash lubrication The final drive are double reduction with spur gear and   segment sprocket, which are sealed by duo-cone seal, easy to maintanence
      Undercarriage system Type The track is triangle shape, the sprocket is elevated elastic suspended Swing type of sprayed beam, Suspended structure of equalizer bar
      Number of track rollers (each side) 8 7 7 6
      Pitch (mm) 226 216 203 203
      Width of shoe (mm) 560 910 560 500
      Gear 1st 2nd 3rd 1st 2nd 3rd 1st 2nd 3rd 1st 2nd 3rd
      Forward km/h 0-3.5 0-6.2 0-10.8 0-3.9 0-6.5 0-10.9 0-4.0 0-6.9 0-10.9 0-3.32 0-6.26 0-11.40
      Backward km/h 0-4.7 0-8.1 0-13.9 0-4.8 0-8.2 0-13.2 0-4.8 0-8.4 0-12.9 0-4 0-7.57 0-13.87
      Implement hydraulic system Max. system pressure (Mpa) 22.5 18.6 15.5 12
      Pump type Gears oil pump High pressure gears pump Gears pump Two groups Gears pump
      System output (L/min) 220 194 178 185
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