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      Location: Home >> Products >> Motor Grader

      Motor Grader

      165HP to 240HP  Motor Grader
      165HP to 240HP Motor Grader

      Equipped with Cummins turbocharged, inter-cooled diesel engine

      Equipped with hydrodynamic torque converter and transmission gearbox manufactured by Hangzhou Advance Gearbox Group Co., Ltd. with ZF technology, electro hydraulically controlled, easy operation

      Rear axles is three section drive axle specially designed for grader and equipped with import no spin differential

      Stable and reliable working hydraulic system with double pump, dual circuit open system

      Safe and reliable braking with advanced hydraulic braking control technology

      The beautiful cabin features wide vision and good air rigidity equipped with t top mounted air conditioner

      Streamline engine hood with a novel and unique shape ensures easy maintenance and heat dissipation

      Stable performance, reliable operation, and low fuel consumption
      Integration of electro-hydraulic control featuring easy operation, stable start up, mild transmission and sufficient power transmission
      Flexible steering and swing
      Integration of imported Rexroth hydraulic units for service brake system
      Two independent brake systems guarantee reliable driving safety
      Integration Eaton Vickers hydraulic locks for key movement parts, guaranteeing stable and reliable system actions
      The scraper blade is capable of realizing various cutting angles, working widths, making it easy to adapt to various working conditions

      The spacious front glass helps driver observe working condition of scraper blade

      This series of graders are suitable for the leveling, excavating, sloping, bulldozing soil loosening, snow removing and other operations of large sized grounds such as roads, airports, farmlands, etc.

      Model \ Technical Parameter TM3165 TM3180 TM3200 TM3220
      Engine Manufacturer Dongfeng Cummins Corporation
      Model 6BTAA5.9-C180 6BTA5.9-C180 6CTAA8.3-C215 6CTA8.3-C240
      Rated Power (kw/hp) 132/180 132 /180 160 /215 179 /240
      Rated Speed (rpm) 2200
      Blade Height*String Height (mm) 3660*610 3965*610 3965*610 4270*610
      Reversing Angle (°) 360
      Max. Blade Angle (°) 90
      Cutting Depth (mm) 500
      Drive Type Motor + worm case
      Transmission Type Electro hydraulic gearshift
      Number of Gears F6/R3
      Forward Speed (Km/h) 4.9,7.6,12.3, 18.5,26.8,37.1 5.0,8.7,11.4, 19.3,23.6,37 5.1,8.7,11.4, 19.5,24.1,40.1 5.0,8.7,11.4, 19.3,23.9,39.8
      Reverse Speed (Km/h) 4.9,12.3,26.8 5.0,11.4,23.6 5.1,11.4,24.1 5.0,11.4,23.9
      Drive Type Rear-axle drive
      Max. Traction Force (KN) ≤80 ≤84 ≤88 ≤92
      Tyre SPEC 17.525
      Front axles Wheel Lean Angle: (°) ±17
      Steering Angle: (°) ±45
      Oscillation Angle: (°) ±15
      Ground Clearance: (mm) 430 430 430 450
      Articulation Angle (°) 25, right and left
      Type of Service Brake Hydraulic disc brake
      Type of Parking Brake Hand-operated shoe-type brake
      Total Weight (Kg) 14800 15500 16200 17000
      Basic Overall Dimensions (mm) (L*W*H) 8880*2595*3390 8890*2595*3400 9305*2595*3400 9450*2595*3400
      Full Overall Dimensions (mm) (L*W*H) 10330*2750*3400 10530*2750*3400 10840*2750*3400 10840*2750*3400
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